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Relinings / Repairs

Chimney Relining :
  A to Z Chimney Sweep carries and installs a full line of 304 and 316 stainless steel chimney liners, chase tops and Pre-Fab caps and down
draft reducing caps. We also perform masonry rebuilding and repairs such as:

Chimney Masonry Repairs                                                                   

We provide a full spectrum of masonry repairs, including exterior tuck pointing, crown wash repairs/replacements, and replacing those worn out firebox bricks with new extruded fire brick.  
Water infiltration, condensation, acidic gases, and erosion all contribute to the deterioration of the masonry structure of your chimney. Some of the signs of this masonry breakdown are visible from the outside.                      

Tuck Pointing                                                                                                Acid from within the chimney, and leaves and debris on your rooftop can soften the bricks. There can also be defects inside your chimney you can't see, like a cracked flue liner, or no flue liner at all. The tuck pointing or rebuilding of a chimney is designed to repair masonry deterioration of the chimney structure. In the process of tuck pointing, existing mortar joints are cut out to an appropriate depth and the joint is repacked with a new mortar compound. The joint is then struck to form a concave surface that will direct water out of the joint. A properly completed tuck pointing job will give the chimney a much longer life span, and often will enhance its appearance. This preventative maintenance is designed to protect the overall structural integrity and performance of the chimney and to help prevent costly repairs in the future.

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