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                                          "Our state of the art vacuums and equipment insures no soot enters your home"      

     Soot builds up in your flue and over time can becomes a hard glaze that is flammable and could cause a hazard to your home.
     Even if you burn very little you should have it inspected every year or two to make sure it is in working order.
Oil flues

     Flues should be swept every year or two.  Even as little as 1/4 inch of oil soot can reduce the airflow enough to cause a reduction in efficiency.
     Oil soot is also made up of sulphur and when left in flue breaks down the clay tiles leading to costly relining.
 Gas flues
     Although gas does not produce soot it does produce water vapor that is acidic and could break down masonry.  The flue should
     be inspected every other year for defects or deterioration.

Rotary Cleanings
     A hard tar-like soot builds up in the flue and when combusted it burns at over 2000 degrees.  The extremely hot flame raises temperatures
     to a point where it can cause serious property damage.  This glaze soot can be removed by chemicals or by a chain rotary system.


A to Z Chimney Sweep
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