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Caps / Dampers

Chimney caps / covers prevent rain and snow and debris from entering your chimney. Water can break down brick and mortar and cause costly repairs.  Dampers are made of cast metals and will rust if not properly protected.  Oil flues accumulate sulphur deposits from combustion, and when mixed with water this creates sulphuric acid that breaks down your flue, leading to costly repairs or relining.

Animals such as birds, squirrels, bats or raccoons can build nests in your chimney. Along with carrying disease, these pests will birth their young in the dark quiet smoke chamber of your fireplace, or may build nests in gas or oil flues, blocking them off and allowing fumes to exaust into your home. 

Chimney caps also act as a spark arrestor to stop sparks from exiting your chimney and landing on parts of your home that could ignite and cause damage.



Fireplace dampers
  are made of cast-iron and are housed in a
tech frame work.

  • These cast-iron dampers do not seal well; they have leaky, rough, metal-to-metal seals.
  • Recent lab studies have shown that even a new throat damper can leak up to $200 of heating and cooling a year.  Imagine how much energy an old, rusted-out damper leaks!


Lyemance’s and Lock-top dampers have rubber gaskets that seal tightly like a storm door for your fireplace, keeping heating and cooling dollars where they should be...in your home. These dampers mount on top of your chimney to keep out animals and rain.  They easily operate from inside your firebox and seal tight everytime you close them, eliminating any draft.


A to Z Chimney
 Sweep carries the full line of top sealing dampers.




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